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The Cruz-Conde and the Suárez de Tangil families have a long history and tradition of lawyers and serving the country; going back to the 16th century, when Pedro de la Cruz and his descendants worked as family judges, which was at the time called General Father of the Young, up until the 18th century.

In the 19th century, Rafael Conde y Luque was a reputable lawyer, professor in international law, chief of the University of Madrid, Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Chief of the Registrar and Notaries, Prosecutor of the Supreme Court; being granted, thanks to his merits, the title of Count of Leyva. His son, the second Count of Leyva, also a lawyer, was chief of the city of Seville, and member of the House of HRH King Alfonso XIII.

Tomás Conde y Luque, lawyer like his brother Rafael, was mayor of Córdoba and President of the province towards the end of the nineteen Century, starting a long and notable list of mayors, that covered most of the twenty Century. Rafael Conde Jiménez, also served as Governor of the Province and represented Cordoba as Senator of the kingdom.

José Cruz-Conde, lieutenant Colonel of Artillery was Mayor for Córdoba and governor of the province, making all the reforms to modernise the city as it is now. He was also Commissary of the American Exposition in 1929, and Governor of Seville. His brother Rafael Cruz-Conde y Fustegueras, Commander of Infantry, followed his steps as mayor of Córdoba and Governor of the province.

Fernando Suárez de Tangil y Angulo, Marques de Covarrubias de Leyva, bailiff Grand Cross of the Order of Malta, doctor in law, lawyer of the Madrid Law Association, Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General.Member of the Courts of Madrid, General Director of Education, Mayor of Madrid, Personal assistant to HRH King Alfonso XIII, President of the Red Cross, Ministry of Public Affairs, President of the State Council. For all his merits in the services rendered to the Kingdom of Spain and the Monarchy, he was honoured with the title of Great Noble of Spain.

In the 20th century, the brothers Alfonso and Antonio Cruz-Conde y Conde followed the tradition of being mayor of Córdoba and Governor of the province of Córdoba and Cádiz.

The son of the latter, Rafael Cruz-Conde y Suárez de Tangil, after working as lawyer and economist in the wineries founded by his grandfather, founded in the 1970`s the law firm Cruz-Conde Abogados in Marbella. His brother Fernando worked in the law firm for many years until he became a priest ordered by the Pope Juan Pablo II.

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